Our Story

With over 37 years of experience in eye-wear industry and an in-depth knowledge of European markets, we have always seen a lack of premium and latest designs for the customers at reasonable prices. With all the major designer and high-end brands being sold at highly marked up prices due to the distribution being in hands of 3-4 major companies, it was always the ultimate consumer who was the sufferer.

With bringing in all the experience that we had, we scouted for the ways to bring out a product that is superior in quality in every aspect and is also cost effective at the same time. We started off by analyzing the design and manufacturing aspect of the eyewear and were astonished to find that it was majorly controlled by one giant of the industry hence controlling the selling model and also the prices.
When these manufactured products were brought to markets, they were met with a large number of intermediaries like importers, wholesaler, retailers and thus, added up to the price of the product at every level.
Now the problem was well in front of us, and what was required was an equally strong solution to tackle this problem.

Limon Eye was a result of this dejected condition that was prevailing in the industry and always hurt the customers.
At Limon Eye, our focus is on providing crafted eyewear designs inspired from premium design and super-fine quality without the margins of the middlemen and big distribution companies involved in the chain.

How we do it?

Our spirited craftsmen are diligently working towards providing latest designs with a sublime premium quality.
We then directly bring those fresh and trendy products to you and hence you as a customer get the best while not hurting their pockets.:)

What more?

This unparalleled dedication does not end only at designing the frames and sunglasses but also goes into the precise quality that our lenses have. With latest technology of the lenses straight from our hi-tech partner labs (know more about our lenses here), the customers get the high quality anti-glare, highly scratch resistant lenses with a warranty of one year, no questions asked.