Our Lenses

There’s always a lot of hard work that goes into while designing the exquisite spectacle frames and sunglasses. But does that take us away from providing the lenses with accurate vision and superior quality? Of course, not. Here’s a brief about how we manufacture the best of quality while minimising all the costs involved:-

  • Hi-quality lens material:Our lens material is manufactured by some of the best labs in Japan using the latest technology. The material goes through rigorous tests before making it to the lab for precise treatments to bring in the accuracy of power in all lenses.
  • Protective coatings:We are existing on a philosophy of ‘doing it the best way, or not doing it at all.’ This is also visible in our lenses where we give our impact resistant lenses the coatings to protect it from all situations and daily use. Be it:
    Anti-glare coating that brings the reflection to minimal and thus clearer vision.
    Scratch-resistant coating that gives you a privilege of caring for your eyes and not for your lenses in your daily use.
    Hydrophobic coating helps to repel water and gives you an advantage to enjoy the rains while seeing in the best way. :)
  • Easy on pocket:It’s between us and you all the time and no one else is involved in the process. We are manufacturing the lenses and giving them straight to you. This gives us the advantage of eliminating all the middle costs and selling the best quality products at a price that doesn’t hurt your pocket.
  • Limon Eye advantage:We are so sure about the quality of our products that we are always listening to any concerns you may have, because we know that won’t be the case very often. We provide one year warranty for all our products and provide an authenticity and warranty card against it with every purchase. In case you have any questions regarding our lenses, chat with us between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday or
    call us at +91-8800-99-8018.

Here’s an overview of the lenses used for various vision corrections:-

Single- Vision Lens

These are the lenses that help in correcting only one vision deficiency, that is, near vision or distance vision.

  • Our single vision lenses made from high impact resistant plastic material.
  • The lenses pass through numerous tests to bring out the best accuracy in vision.
  • The lenses are further coated in 7-layer anti-glare coating to reduce the reflection up to 99.99 % and hydrophobic coating that helps to repel water. Also, the materials used are highly scratch resistant.

Bi-focal lens

These are the lenses that help to correct both, the near and the distance vision. Both vision areas in the lens are divided by a line.

  • Our bi-focal lenses are also manufactured from highly strong plastic material.
  • These lenses are further given various treatments to effectively integrate both the vision areas.
  • The same 7-layer anti-glare coating is provided for these lenses to reduce any minor reflections. These are also highly scratch resistant.

Progressive or multi-focal lens

These are the non-line lenses that include three vision areas, that is, distance, and intermediate and near visions without any visible divisions in the lens.

  • Digital Freeform or High Definition (HD) Technology: Our progressive lenses are freeform high-definition lenses and are not conventionally designed and thus have wider areas of vision providing better comfort to the wearer without a lot of hard-work.
  • All progressive lenses are made from the best materials with anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating to provide maximum comfort to the wearers.

Sun-glass lenses

We know much it hurts our eyes to walk down in the bright sunlight with UV rays defecting the vision. Our sunglasses are meant to provide all the solutions for your eyes

  • UV protection: When you wear our sunglasses, you have nothing to worry about UV rays affecting your eyes. The lenses block all the harmful UV rays while not sacrificing on the style.
  • 100% polarized: The sunglasses we make comes with ability to polarize all the horizontal light waves, thus, reducing the glare when you are driving or doing any outdoor activities. Some of the noted benefits of polarized lenses are:-
  • Reducing the horizontal light waves to provide a glare free view outdoor
  • Helping to see the objects clearly while avoiding all the strain on the eyes.

Why we don’t have fog mark on our lenses?

Our anti-glare lens has an anti-reflective coating that helps to reduce the reflection to up to 99.99%. Whenever there is a fog mark produced on such lenses it tears off the coating from the lenses that may affect vision in some cases. We make our lenses to give best comfort to our customers and hence we shy away from these marketing gimmicks. For any queries, call us at +91-8800-99-8018 or
live chat with us(10 am-6 pm) Monday-Friday.